Introducing the ‘Manxman’ Artists

From the beginning, our forthcoming vessel, Manxman, was designed to revolutionise travel to and from the Isle of Man.
Being proud supporters of the arts on the Island, we want to tell the unique story of our home to those journeying with us across the Irish Sea, by drawing on (‘scuse the pun) our immense local talent.
Earlier this year, we made an open call for Isle of Man artists to share with us how they would celebrate Manx culture, heritage, and the natural beauty of our landscape.
The response was so brilliant, we expanded the project and are now pleased to introduce to you the 15 local artists who have been commissioned to create artworks for Manxman.

We can’t wait to show you the finished artworks, but for now, please enjoy some previous works from our commissioned artists.

Ellie Baker – semi-abstract landscapes

Adam Berry – illustration

Sally Black – still life paintings

Amy Bourbon – landscape paintings

Jade Boylan – illustration

Bruno Cavellec – semi-abstract landscapes

Anna Clucas – abstract paintings

Ian Coulson – mixed media

Megan Hindley – illustration

Darren Jackson – sculpture

Andrew Mackellar – landscapes and abstracts

Jacqui Mulvagh – illustration

Stephanie Quayle – sculpture

Graham Rider – landscape paintings

Ron Strathdee – photography

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