Introducing Manxman artists: Ellie Baker

Mixed media artist Ellie Baker, uses acrylic, oil pastel and coloured pencil to create abstract landscapes.

What name do you go by for your art business (name or business name)?

Ellie Baker

How long have you been a practicing artist?

About 15 years.

What media do you work in?

Acrylic mainly, often with the addition of oil pastel and coloured pencil.

What medium will you be using for this commission?

Acrylic, oil pastel and spray paint.

Where on the Island do you live/what is your connection to the Island?

In the west.

What kind of piece are you producing for this commission?

Three pieces, one of which is over 8 foot wide! All of the work will depict the hillscapes of the Island, in a semi-abstract style.

What do you consider to be your biggest artistic achievement to date?

I think the achievement is ongoing – I am largely self taught and continually striving to develop my work and further understand what materials can do.  

Which of your past works might people most easily recognise?

‘Of Silence Still’, a view towards Beinn-y-Phott from the Mountain Road.

What is your main source of inspiration?             

The natural environment, the weather, the colours and sounds of the landscape.

What do you love about the medium you’re using for this commission/why has this medium been selected?

One of my favourite stages of any work is towards the end when I add flashes of highlights with other materials, once the acrylics have dried. For the Manxman pieces, some of those finishing touches will be made with spray paint, which I can’t wait to see the effects of.

What do you hope to convey to passengers through this piece?

The beauty, energy and uniqueness of the Island.

When you travel by Steam Packet ferry, where do you love to visit/what happy memories do you have of visits you’ve made by Steam Packet ferry (perhaps even the feeling of coming home!)?

Sailing home in beautiful weather and seeing the Island slowly appear is always lovely.

Are there any trips you’re yet to take on the Steam Packet which are on your bucket list?

I’ve not been to Ireland, so sailing to Dublin would be a good trip I reckon.

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