Manxman's Curated Artwork Collection

Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, in collaboration with SMC Art Consultancy, is excited to be commissioning a specially curated artwork collection to go on permanent display on board its new vessel, Manxman.


The collection is to be a celebration of Isle of Man’s creative output, heritage, landscape, and community.  We therefore want to put artwork commissions out to tender to locally based artists, both professional and amateur, who are best placed to tell the story of our Island. 


We have three areas on board which we would like to put out to open tender.  These are as follows:


Brief One: Pet Lounges
Brief Two: FWD Lounge
Brief Three: First Class Lounge


An artwork brief has been created for each area, which includes information about the artwork collection as a whole, artwork themes, required artwork quantities and specifications.


Artists may submit a proposal which covers all of the collection within an area, or they may submit a proposal which covers just part of the collection in an area. For instance, the brief for the two pet lounges could feature the work of one artist, or they could feature the work of two artists (one for each lounge). This will be dependent on how compelling the proposals received are.


Please submit your proposals by 26 January 2022 to the contact details found within each brief.

If you have any questions regarding the briefs then please get in touch with contact details provided in each brief.

We look forward to receiving your proposals and showcasing the incredible artistic talent of the Isle of Man.