Rescue pups find new home on the Isle of Man


Six young pups have found their forever home on the Isle of Man after being rescued by a Manx charity. 

With support from the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, the four-month old dogs who are all from the same litter, arrived on the island after travelling from Murcia, Spain. They were born wild and living in a field with very little hope of survival, before CHANCE Animal Rescue stepped in and brought them back to its rescue in Spain.

After some months building up strength, having the necessary vaccinations, and being lovingly cared for by Nikki Caitlin at CHANCE headquarters, six dogs from the litter have now been handed over to their new families on the Isle of Man to live a happy and playful life. One of the pups has moved in with a sibling the charity rescued in 2018, and two of the pups will be living together in their new home. CHANCE does everything it can to ensure the animals they rescue find the perfect home most suited to their needs. 

There were nine puppies in total and a home has just been found in the Isle of Man for the seventh. It is hoped the charity will be able to find homes for the remaining two pups in time for the next scheduled transport in September. It was also discovered the dogs still had a mother looking after them, who CHANCE quickly rescued the next day, and has a loving home waiting for her on the Isle of Wight.

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company was pleased to offer travel support to the charity, which completed two trips to and from Liverpool over two weekends to transport the six young pups to the island.

Manx woman Toni-Ann Harvey teamed up with Nikki Caitlin back in 2014, and together they have rehomed more than 50 rescue pups on the island, with more going to England, the Channel Islands and Europe. After three years working together on the cause, they founded CHANCE Animal Rescue in 2017.

Toni-Ann explained: ‘These pups were born wild and would have had a very poor life had they not been rescued. We’re delighted we were able to reunite the litter with their mum and keep them together until they were old enough to travel. Mum will be spayed in September and will travel to her wonderful new home on the Isle of Wight in October. The six pups are settling into their new family homes on the Isle of Man fantastically! Just two more pups available for adoption, which we hope can be finalised in time for our next trip in September.

‘We’re incredibly grateful to the Steam Packet Company for its support once again and offering discounted travel as we transported the puppies to the island. After already travelling from the south of Spain, it was important that their journey to the Isle of Man and changeover at the port be as efficient as possible, and Steam Packet Company staff were hugely helpful and accommodating, even changing our ticket at the last minute to ensure the pups would be on the island as soon as possible. We are a small charity and the constant support we have received from the Company over the years means so much to us and the future of the animals we rescue.’

Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Chief Executive Mark Woodward said: ‘We wish the young pups a very happy life with their new local families and are pleased to offer our support to this hard-working charity once again.’

Four-month-old Darwin loves his new home on the Isle of Man by the sea
Four-month-old Darwin looking out to sea on the Isle of Man