Tribute to former Managing Director of Isle of Man Steam Packet Company


The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company is saddened by the passing of its former Managing Director.

Hamish Ross, who led the Company for more than a decade, passed away yesterday (Thursday) at the age of 75.

Mr Ross joined the board in 1994 and was appointed Managing Director in 1996, when the company was taken over by Sea Containers.

He held that role until his retirement in 2007, after which he served on the Steam Packet Company’s supervisory board.

His successor, Chief Executive Mark Woodward, said: ‘Everyone at the Company is extremely saddened to learn of Hamish’s passing.

‘Not only did he steer the Steam Packet Company for 11 years but he was a constant wise counsel and sounding board who always had the best interests of the Company and the Isle of Man at heart.

‘His common sense approach and vast experience and knowledge on all aspects of ship operation from a long and varied career was of great benefit. He is a real loss to the Isle of Man and we extend our deepest sympathies to his wife Gill and family.’

Along with his close friend the late Andrew Douglas, he was also instrumental in bringing home the anchor of the Company vessel, Mona’s Queen III, which was lost in Dunkirk during World War Two.

The anchor was returned to the island in 2011, 18 months after it was raised from the seabed at Dunkirk, and an annual memorial service is now held at Kallow Point, Port St Mary.

His maritime interests continued beyond his retirement having succeeded Captain Douglas as editor of the Sea Breezes magazine, a role he continued to hold until his death.

Mr Ross’ other local interests over the past decade included being an active member of Manx Bird Life and Rowany Golf Club.

Captain Hamish Ross
Captain Hamish Ross