Isle of Man Steam Packet Company has stepped in to assist CHANCE Animal Rescue after the charity sent out an urgent appeal.

Toni-Ann Harvey, co-founder of the Spanish animal rescue charity, was due to travel as a foot passenger on a Steam Packet Company sailing to pick up Ayla and Jinny, two pups being re-homed in the Isle of Man. It had been arranged for the dogs to travel in a friend’s car for the return sailing, however they had to pull out at the last minute. 

This left the charity with only a foot passenger ticket, unable to afford the additional cost of a car, due to being reliant entirely on fundraising and donations. After no luck with its urgent appeal on social media, Toni-Ann turned to the Steam Packet Company for help.

The Company was more than happy to offer its support and amended the booking so the charity could bring a vehicle. This meant the dogs were able to travel comfortably to the island, with no need to change dates, prolong travel time and at no extra cost.

Toni-Ann commented: ‘We were overjoyed when the Steam Packet Company stepped in last-minute and kindly amended our booking, we can’t thank them enough.

‘As a small charity we have very limited access to funds and simply hadn’t budgeted for an additional cost of booking a car, especially so last minute. The poor pups had been travelling for days and it wouldn’t have been fair on them to wait any longer – they needed to settle into their new home, so it wasn’t an option to wait until someone else could bring them over.

‘The circumstances of these two dogs are different to the rescue animals we tend to save. These pups were from a loving home but had to be re-homed due to their owner being diagnosed with terminal cancer – which is just absolutely heart-breaking and reinforces why our job is so important.      

‘We are delighted to report that Ayla and Jinny are adjusting very well to their new forever homes. Thank you once again Isle of Man Steam Packet Company.’

Chief Executive of Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Mark Woodward said: ‘CHANCE Animal Rescue approached us in its time of need and we were pleased to assist the team after they were let down elsewhere. A warm welcome to the island for Ayla and Jinny – we wish them all the best in their new homes.’