Educational show returns with Isle of Man Steam Packet Company support


Lempen Puppet Theatre Company will return to the Isle of Man with support from the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company.

The theatre company, which has been travelling to the Island since 1994 to perform educational shows to students, will visit six local primary schools between Wednesday 7th and 14th March.


The puppeteers will perform Cardboard Carnival, a wordless show using the music from ‘The Carnival of the Animals’ by French composer Camille Saint Saens.


The Steam Packet Company is offering its support by once again assisting with the cost of travel to bring the show to the Island.


Liz Lempen from Lempen Puppet Theatre Company, said: ‘This will be our twelfth visit to the Isle of Man and we are delighted to come back to perform another educational show for the Island’s schools. We are grateful to the Steam Packet
Company for its continued support.


‘Cardboard Carnival is a playful production specially designed to inspire children to be more creative and explorative, and encourage play using simple materials. We hope that the pupils in the Isle of Man will enjoy it just as much as our previous audiences.’


Steam Packet Company Chief Executive Mark Woodward added: ‘It is important for children to experience a wide range of learning and be encouraged to be creative, which Lempen Puppet Theatre are brilliant at doing. We are pleased to once again assist its return to the Isle of Man.’


Cardboard Carnival will be performed at Scoil Vallajeelt, Sulby Primary, Arbory Primary, Bunscoill Rhumsaa, Cronk-y-berry Primary and Victoria Road Primary.


The show will once again be offered to Isle of Man primary schools next year for those who do not fit into the 2018 tour.