Steam Packet Company supports overhaul of Sailing for the Disabled's Pride of Mann III


The work will take place in Bangor, Northern Ireland and the Steam Packet Company is supporting the charity by providing free travel for five crew members to the Island, once the boat has been delivered to Bangor, and the return journey, where the charity will collect and sail the yacht back to the Isle of Man.


Sailing for the Disabled Secretary Gerry Morley said: ‘Since Pride of Mann III first sailed into Doulas Harbour, she has covered 7,500 miles. While maintained and kept in optimum condition by our volunteers, she is now due a major overhaul.


‘To use the time as best as we can, the journey to and from Bangor will be used as a training trip to give upcoming skippers and crew the experience they need to ensure the safety and care of the disabled members. The crew will return Belfast after delivering Pride of Mann III to Bangor, and crew will take the ferry back to Belfast in early April in order to sail Pride of Mann III back home.


‘Our organisation is run entirely by volunteers and funded by donations, which makes us very grateful to the Steam Packet Company for its support.’


Steam Packet Company Chief Executive Mark Woodward said: ‘Sailing for the Disabled is such a worthy cause, and one which, given its sea-faring links, we are always happy to support. The charity offers incredible opportunities for the disabled and we look forward to seeing Pride of Mann III back in Manx waters after her overhaul.’


Don Wilson, Martin Sewell, Gerry Morley and Neil Johnson, all skippers for SftD.