Touring skateboard and scooter instructors will run workshops at Ballakermeen High School next week with support from the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, which is covering the cost of travel to and from the Island. 


Team Rubicon, which has more than 10 years’ experience providing skateboard and scooter lessons, will host demonstrations, teach students how to ride and master tricks, as well as run friendly competitions to show off newly learned skills.


The team will travel with spare equipment so all the children, whether they already have the kit or not, can get involved in the sessions held on 18th and 19th July during the schools’ enrichment week.


Ballakermeen High School Learning Support Teacher Christopher Buttery said: ‘We want to help our students reach their full potential and one way to do that is ensuring they have the opportunity to get involved in new sports which they might never have considered or had the opportunity to try.


‘Each year Ballakermeen has an enrichment week where students can take part in a range of activities outside of the classroom. We will be the first high school to offer skateboarding as an option for students. This year we are limited to 30 spaces each day but, hopefully, the event will be a success and we can look at more opportunities in the future.’


He added: ‘We are hugely grateful to the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company for covering the cost of bringing Team Rubicon to the Island, meaning our students can take part in an event to encourage them to try different things, develop new talents and meet new people.


‘Team Rubicon is leading the way in getting more children involved in skateboarding, and I would encourage every school to offer workshops like this. Now skateboarding is an Olympic sport you never know, you might see one of our students at Tokyo 2020!’


Steam Packet Company Chief Executive Mark Woodward added: ‘Team Rubicon’s visit to Ballakermeen High School sounds like a brilliant chance for students to try something different and have some fun. We are pleased to cover the cost of travel for the team and the equipment needed and I hope the students have a great time learning from professionals and practicing new skills.’