The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company has announced that an advance booking scheme for TT marshals will continue this year, and will be extended to include volunteer medics.


The scheme was introduced in partnership with the TT Marshals Association in 2015 to reward dedicated visiting marshals who volunteer their time to ensure the races can go ahead. It allows those who marshalled at five or more race or practice sessions during last year’s TT to book their travel to the 2018 TT ahead of the general public.


This year, following an agreement with Manx Roadracing Medical Services, advance booking for 2018 will also be open to visiting doctors and paramedics who volunteered to assist during last year’s TT.


It is hoped the advance booking scheme will encourage more people to give up their time to marshal or provide medical cover, which are both vital to ensure sessions are run. Letters to all eligible marshals and medics have been sent out.


Steam Packet Company Chief Executive Mark Woodward said: ‘The scheme we are running in partnership with the TTMA and MRMS is a recognition of the vital role marshals and medics play in ensuring TT practice and race sessions go ahead as safely as possible.


‘Without those visitors who give up their time to volunteer at the TT it simply wouldn’t happen, and we are eager to do everything we can to reward those who participate as well as helping to encourage people to return and new recruits to sign up.


‘The advance booking scheme has been well-received and popular in previous years and we hope it continues to contribute to the growth of the army of volunteers needed to make sure the TT can be run.’


If you are interested in volunteering as a marshal or medic during the TT or Festival of Motorcycling, visit or