The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company has continued its sponsorship of the Isle of Man Four Wheel Drive Club for another year.
Throughout 2016 the club will hold a series of trials around the Island for off-road vehicles, with drivers competing for victory in various classes. The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Trial series has already had two exciting rounds, the first at South Barrule Quarry won by Ross Moore and the second at Dhoon Quarry won by Bob Boyde.
Formed in 1989, the club holds regular competitions in the Isle of Man, as well as travelling off-Island to compete. Its events also attract drivers from the UK to test themselves against the Manx terrain in organised contests.
Last year around 50 people from the Red Rose Land Rover Club spent a week in the Island hosted by the local club, and there are also regular visits by other clubs from England and Wales. A Challenge event planned for May will also have off-Island participants
Richard Crane, from the Isle of Man Four Wheel Drive Club, said: ‘The trials sponsored by the Steam Packet Company are the backbone of the club’s event calendar, so we are very pleased for the continued sponsorship.
‘There are three classes, for short, medium and long wheelbase vehicles, and a trial typically consists of negotiating your vehicle between eight pairs of cane gates on various types of terrain with the aim of not hitting the canes. It is a test of the driver’s skill and, often depending on the type of terrain, the strength of the vehicle.
‘Our events do attract off-Island drivers, and the club has also been involved in assisting with filming for BBC’s Country File on the Island and taking visiting journalists to some of the most remote areas of the Isle of Man.’
He added: ‘We also pride ourselves on being responsible when we off-road and go to great lengths to respect the environment. We were instrumental in the creation of the Green Lane Users’ Group (GLUG), and our members are involved in inspecting and carrying out maintenance and repairs to the Island’s extensive network of legal green lanes.’
Steam Packet Company Chief Executive Mark Woodward said: ‘The Isle of Man Four Wheel Drive Club has a busy calendar of events which attract local drivers and visitors to the Island. The provision of popular and properly organised offroad events which bring people to the Isle of Man from across the UK is a benefit to the local community, and something we are happy to support.’