The Steam Packet Company is continuing its support for Isle of Man charity The Children’s Centre in 2015 by assisting with the cost of travel for a series of off-Island fundraising events and adventure experiences.

The Company, which has assisted the charity for many years, will provide heavily subsidised ferry travel for at least four trips this year, starting with a tall ship adventure for 40 secondary school students.

The Year 9 students, who underwent a four-stage application process testing their initiative, independence and responsibility to be selected for the trip, will crew the 200-foot brig Stavros S Niarchos when it departs Greenock on 22nd March.

The vessel, owned by the Tall Ships Youth Trust, will be bound for Liverpool on its first voyage of the year after a winter refit.

The party will travel to and from the UK with the Steam Packet Company. Details of other adventure experiences and off-Island fundraising events will be announced later in the year.

Mark Eastham, Adventure Events Fundraising Coordinator at The Children’s Centre, said: ‘A valuable part of the work The Children’s Centre is involved in is assisting in giving young people the opportunity to participate in off-Island experiences, like the tall ship voyage, which are physically and mentally demanding challenges, but very rewarding.

‘In addition, we receive vital donations from people who take part in fundraising events held away from the Island, such as marathons and sponsored bike rides.

‘Of course, such trips can cost a lot of money and are only possible because of the generous support we received from organisations like the Steam Packet Company. It has helped us with the cost of travel for many years, and we are grateful that support will continue this year.’

Steam Packet Company Chief Executive Mark Woodward added: ‘The Children’s Centre does important work in the Manx community, and having worked with them for many years we understand the value to the Island’s young people of participating in these off-Island experiences. We also appreciate how important fundraising is for any charity work.

‘We’re pleased to be continuing out support and I wish the best to everyone involved in the fundraisings events and adventure experiences planned for 2015.’