The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company has agreed a priority booking scheme for TT marshals.

The Company has teamed up with the TT Marshals Association to give priority for TT2016 to those marshals who attended five or more practice or race sessions during TT2014.

This scheme is in addition to a discount scheme, introduced in 2008, whereby marshals who attend both the TT and Festival of Motorcycling in one year have their ferry travel for the following year discounted by the Steam Packet Company. 

Terry Holmes, Chairman of the TT Marshals Association, said: ‘The aim of introducing priority booking is to benefit those marshals who give up their time each year to help make the TT happen. It is hoped that the scheme will entice more marshals to attend, and it will also help the TTMA when we are out and about recruiting new marshals.

‘Alongside the discount scheme, this is further evidence of the support shown over the years by the Steam Packet Company, which has played a major role in helping us attract marshals to cover both festivals. For each race or practice session we need more than 500 marshals to cover the TT Course. Without them, the events could not take place.’

Brian Convery, the Steam Packet Company’s Sales Development Manager, explained: ‘We introduced the discount scheme in 2008 to support the TTMA and encourage more marshals to volunteer. We are delighted to have agreed this priority booking system for marshals, which should make it easier for them to book, in addition to reducing the number of callers to our Call Centre when advance bookings open for the following year’s TT.’

The TTMA works hard each year to ensure there is enough cover for all practice and race sessions. Anyone interested in becoming a marshal should contact [email protected] or call 01624 618191.