Isle of Man Steam Packet Company vessel Manannan is operating on reduced power after suffering a mechanical issue with one of her four engines. Berth-to-berth travel times are now expected to be around 20 minutes longer than originally scheduled depending on tidal conditions.
The issue is currently under investigation by Caterpillar engineers. The cause has not yet been conclusively identified, but early indications suggest a failed crankshaft, similar to the problem which occurred four years ago.
The Steam Packet Company has a spare crankshaft in stock, however the repair is a major undertaking and would take Manannan out of service for three to four days, potentially disrupting summer travel plans. As a result, a permanent repair is instead planned for the quieter period after the Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling.
Chief Executive Mark Woodward said: ‘Removing Manannan from service for three days during the busy summer period would cause inconvenience and disruption to many of our passengers, so we are planning to wait until a quieter period, in mid-September, to carry out the repair.
‘In the meantime, we will be deploying additional resources in the ports to ensure each sailing departs on time, or ahead of schedule, to allow Manannan to arrive at her destination as close as possible to her scheduled arrival time.’
Passengers are reminded of the importance of checking in for sailings no later than advised to help ensure potential delays are kept to a minimum. Repairs are provisionally scheduled for mid-September and as soon as dates are confirmed any passengers affected will be offered alternative sailings.