Share your Memories of the Isle of Man

In April we launched our ‘Share your Memories’ campaign, inviting both Islanders and past visitors to dig out their favourite snaps and photo memories on the Isle of Man.

With big trips on pause for now, we wanted to get people thinking about the special times they’ve had on our beautiful Isle (including their journey here!) and share these memories with us, so that we can share them with you.

We’ve received lots of wonderful snaps and have compiled some of our favourites into this blog, so even if you’re unable to visit the Isle of Man right now, you can still appreciate it in all its glory through the camera lens. Let’s take a look…

Rachel Singer, Island resident

View of Port Erin from Bradda Glen on a sunny day showing greenery and the sea

“The Island has always been ‘home’ and now I can live here all the time. Thirty years of visiting finally paid off and this view of Port Erin from Bradda Glen is one of my favourites.”

Dennis Mawson, Island visitor

Green hills in the distance with the evening sun coming through clouds

“The only cloud on the Island hanging over me whilst I was marshalling at Lanjaghan Lane during MGP practice on Monday 19th August 2019.”

Alison Harrison, Island visitor

The view from the back of the Steam Packet Company vessel Manannan, showing sea waves with Liverpool in the background

“The view from Manannan when you know you’re on your way to the Isle of Man for another fantastic visit!”

The view through St Catherine's Well, a stone arch, onto Port Erin Beach and looking out to sea with a small yacht in the background

“A favourite place to visit is Port Erin beach. So many favourite places to choose from!”

Shaun Sterling, Island visitor

Two motorbikes parked at The Sound car park in the Isle of Man, looking out to the coast with the sea and Calf of Mann in the background

“TT 2019 – the best week away I’ve had. The racing was amazing, the Isle of Man itself was a love and I found it hard to leave. It really is a magical place.”

Heather, Max & Penny Birch, Island visitors

A picturesque photo of Ramsey Bay showing pink and blue clouds, a calm sea and the pier in the background.

Ramsey Bay. “Myself and my two children, aged six and two, woke up early one morning in October last year and made a crazy, rash decision to venture across to the Isle of Man from Liverpool. It was the best decision we ever made, we found a place we all adored and we talk about it every day at some point.”

The Tower of Refuge in Douglas from the coast, with some crashing waves in the foreground on a cloudy day with some blue skies.

The Tower of Refuge in Douglas.

William Harrison, Island visitor

A view of Port Erin coastline showing some pretty flowers on a white stone wall, with Port Erin beach and shoreline in the background on a sunny day

Port Erin coastline in the south of the Island.

Alison Cowin, Island resident

The sunset from the deck of fast craft Manannan showing an orange sun through the clouds

The sunset from fast craft Manannan, on the way to the Isle of Man from Liverpool in 2019.

Steam Packet Company fleet in Douglas Harbour showing the blue sea  and a blue sky with a couple of clouds

The Steam Packet Company fleet in Douglas Bay in the beautiful sunshine.

Steam Packet Company vessel Manannan arriving in Douglas Bay on a calm, blue sea with clouds and English hills in the far distance

Manannan arriving in Douglas Bay on 9th May 2020, with the hills in the distance.

Chris Swingler, Island visitor

Striking Peel Castle at night in the distance, with the waves of the sea in the foreground and a bluey orange sunset

Peel Castle at night. ©Chris Swingler.

Pam Beedan, Island resident

A view of Douglas Quayside with lots of small boats parked up on a sunny day with a blue sky.

“This is one of my favourites of Douglas Marina in the summer.”

Amdrew Mendies, Island visitor

The Great Laxey Wheel on a sunny day showing a blue sky and pleasant  surrounding greenery

The Great Laxey Wheel on a summers day.

A bench on a hill looking out over Port Erin beach and coastline on a summers day

Seat overlooking Peel in the west of the Island.

Share your special memories!

If you’d like to share your own special memories of the Isle of Man, send your photo including a line on what the Isle of Man means to you to [email protected].

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