Isle of Man Steam Packet Company: New Vessel Progress

In March 2019, a new Sea Services Agreement was finalised between the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company and Department of Infrastructure, laying the framework for future investment in the Island’s lifeline sea links. It set the wheels in motion to construct a replacement vessel for our conventional ferry, Ben-my-Chree, and we have since been busy progressing plans for the exciting new development.

We would like to keep our customers, fellow Islanders and friends up-to-date by sharing the progress of this bespoke new build through this blog. Below is its story so far, starting with the most recent and moving backward in time, with lots of milestones yet to come. Keep an eye out for future updates!

2021: Timeline


Manxman’s construction commenced on Friday 20th August at HMD in South Korea.

A number of key stakeholders were in attendance at the milestone event – known as the steel cutting ceremony – on site in Ulsan, where a formal pushing of the button took place to mark the first piece of steel being cut.

This signifies that the detail design of the vessel – comprising a total of around 300 detailed plans – has been finalised and construction can officially commence. Plasma files are produced from the approved construction drawings to allow the shipyard’s plate cutting machines to automatically and accurately cut each piece of the vessel.

The Steel Cutting Ceremony at Hyunadi Mipo Dockyard – 20th August 2021


On Tuesday 17th August, a productive kick off meeting took place ahead of the commencement of Manxman’s construction at HMD Head Office in South Korea. Representatives from the Steam Packet Company, HMD Project Team, Houlder Naval Architects, Sea Quest Marine Project Management and Health, Safety and Environment and Quality Assurance were all in attendance.

This important meeting between the project team and project stakeholder is an opportunity to lay the foundation for a successful project and ensure all parties are on the same page in terms of scope, goals, budget, timeline and everything in between.

2020: Timeline


After much deliberation, it was revealed on Tuesday 1st December that the name of the vessel will be Manxman.

More than 7,500 people submitted their favourite from the shortlisted names, the results of which played a key part in the selection process. Manxman and King Orry emerged as the most popular choices by a considerable margin. The two favourites were then considered further before the name Manxman was chosen.

This will mark the third ship in the Company’s history to bear the name, the last a turbine steamer launched in 1955. It is a name that embodies the Manx spirit, signifies national pride and is suitably enduring for a vessel that will take the Steam Packet Company into its 200th year and beyond. 


Keen to intertwine a key piece of the Company’s 190-year history into our next chapter, it was decided early on that the new addition to the fleet would take a traditional Steam Packet Company vessel name.

After many months of consideration, our team whittled the selection down to four fondly remembered names which we believe to be the most fitting. The shortlist, which was revealed on Thursday 29th October, comprised the names Manxman, Mona’s Isle, Manx Maid and King Orry.

We recognised the significance of ensuring everyone had the opportunity to have their say which is why we were keen to hear from the public on this important decision. Throughout the month of November, people had the opportunity to submit their favourite out of the four names so this could be taken into consideration during the selection process.


After months of extensive discussion and deliberation, the Steam Packet Company Board of Directors made a decision on a chosen shipyard. It was decided that the new vessel will be constructed at one of the world’s major shipbuilders, Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) in South Korea.

The shipyard selected is one of the world’s leading blue chip names in the industry, with a proven track record of delivering vessels on time, to budget and to its trademark high standards.  

HMD shipyard in South Korea


Throughout June, our team spent time fine-tuning the designs of the vessel and incorporating the results of the survey – and our customers most valued preferences – into the designs, where it was possible to do so. While there are many technical considerations that need to be factored in when designing a new vessel, one of our top priorities is ensuring it meets the needs of our passengers and the results of this survey formed an important part of that.

Computer aided design (CAD) of the new purpose-built vessel


In April, we released a detailed summary of the survey findings following our analysis. It was found that the following on-board services and facilities were considered important by our passengers: 

  • wider choice of food and drink
  • more portable device charging points
  • an increase in the number of standard cabins available
  • a larger and more comfortable area for passengers travelling with pets
  • a children’s play area suitable for a wider range of ages
  • larger lifts from the vehicle deck

A full summary of the facilities and services that travellers would most like to see on the Heysham route can be found here.

Island Global Research was commissioned to carry out the survey


In February, our senior management team undertook visits to the shortlisted shipyards. Selecting a shipyard is one of the most crucial decisions of the shipbuilding process and requires a careful and quantified approach. There are a huge number of factors to take into consideration and we had to be thorough in our approach to ensure the most suitable shipbuilder was selected. The shipyard visits played an important part in this.


Between January and April, our focus was on conducting a detailed analysis on the findings of the survey and working out priorities for the new vessel. We were keen to gain a better understanding of our passengers’ travel preferences so we could factor this into the design where possible.

The survey helped to work out the priorities for the new vessel, which will replace the conventional ferry Ben-my-Chree, pictured here in Douglas Harbour



To help us understand what is important to our customers and gauge public views as we prepared for major investment in our fleet, we launched a survey in November 2019. Island Global Research was commissioned to carry out the research, with the aim to identify which on-board facilities and services were considered most important to our passengers.

We were overwhelmed with the positive response with around 8,000 people contributing.


In the autumn of 2019, we issued a tender to shipyards around the world, inviting expressions of interest to build the bespoke vessel. We received an encouraging response from a range of specialist shipbuilders, and the team then had the task of reviewing and assessing each submission and whittling the selection down.

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