2023 Schedule Release – Manxman Explainer

Ahead of the release of the 2023 sailing schedules and tickets on Monday 31st October, the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company is providing more details around the introduction of Manxman to service.

The brand new vessel is currently being fitted out by her builders in Ulsan, South Korea. Manxman is due to be delivered to the Steam Packet Company by the end of February 2023 to arrive in Manx waters in time to join the fleet for the busy period around the Isle of Man TT Races.

The intention is Manxman will replace Ben-my-Chree from TT onwards, sailing twice daily to Heysham. However, in the period between its arrival at the Isle of Man and the start of the TT festival, Manxman will alternate with the older vessel to give opportunities for training, crew familiarisation and final adjustments.

Customers booking sailings from 23rd May 2023 onwards may see Manxman in the system. However, due to the complex and not entirely predictable nature of commissioning and readying for service a brand new vessel there is no guarantee that Manxman will operate any particular sailing, and there may be last minute changes of vessel with no notice.

Again, due to the need to retain operational flexibility during the introductory phase, full on board facilities will not be available to purchase on initial release of the bookings.

On release, a limited range of cabins will be on sale for each crossing, whilst Manxman’s lounge and accommodation details are finalised. Lounges and accommodation may be available to purchase on board during sailings.

The intention with Manxman has been from the outset to deliver improved levels of comfort and service over Ben-my-Chree, while retaining the older vessel’s well-earned reputation for reliability. A major consultation took place at the start of the new build project, and many of the findings have been incorporated in Manxman’s build and fit out.

You can read more about Manxman’s build, design and facilities on our blogs here

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