From a colony of wallabies in the north, to dolphins and basking sharks swimming in the clear waters, to oystercatchers and lapwings flying overhead, the Isle of Man is a haven for all types of wildlife.

Catch your first glimpse of the diverse sea life from the deck of the ferry as it takes you over to the Island.


Views over Port Erin Bay towards Mount Bradda
Views over Port Erin Bay towards Mount Bradda

The Isle of Man is renowned for it’s clear waters, making it easier to spot the variety of underwater wildlife.

Look out to sea and, depending on the time of year, your sailing companions may include dolphins and whales.

Nearer the shoreline, you may also be joined by basking sharks and seals and you can watch gannets and terns diving for food too.



Overlooking Sulby Reservoir and Snaefell
Overlooking Sulby Reservoir and Snaefell

For information about what the Isle of Man has to offer, head to the Ayres Visitor Centre, which will provide you with everything you need to know about the birds, animal habitats, plant communities, beaches and much more.

Inland on the heath you’ll find varieties of lichens, nestling stonechats, oystercatchers and lapwings as well as busy insect populations.
The Island’s shores are home to fantastic beaches, from sandy stretches to pebbly coves, so you’ll be able to find the perfect spot for a picnic, walk or even a swim.



The Isle of Man is a sanctuary for birdwatchers so pack all you need for a bird watching adventure in your car on the ferry over. Don’t forget to pack those binoculars!

The Island’s extensive coastline is home to an abundance of coastal birds, some of which are rarities in other parts of the British Isles, including kittiwake, guillemot and puffins. These can be found nesting in the cliffs, on the sandy beaches and in the coastal grassland.

The Island also has its own bird observatory, located on the Calf of Man. This is home to many seabird species like the Manx Shearwater, Shags and occasionally Cormorants.

Try walking the Raad ny Foillan, the coastal footpath, and you’ll find perfect spots to sit and watch the bird population, as well as spectacular coastal and countryside views.


On the Island, you’ll also have the opportunity to spot a range of wild animals too.

Curraghs Wildlife Park, a haven for wetland wildlife, is home to around 100 different types of animal, many of which are endangered in the wild. Here you’ll be able to watch monkeys, pandas, penguins and meerkats, from just a short distance away.


Enjoy panoramic views of the coastline at the very southern tip of the Island – The Sound and Calf of Man Visitor Centre. The Visitor Centre features information and displays explaining the history and ecology of the local landscape. You can also visit the cafe, enjoy a bite to eat and sit back and enjoy the view where you can look out onto the Calf of Man – and island separated from the mainland by 500 metres of water.

The Isle of Man boasts 18 national glens, both on the coast and inland all of which are maintained and preserved by the Government’s Forestry Division. Admission is free and all of the glens can be reached by car, with a few of them by electric tram, steam railways or bus routes.

Ballaugh Curragh is the first designated wetland of international importance on the Isle of Man. Small woods, old hay meadows, bogs, ponds and wet grassland are crisscrossed by sod hedges and twisting lanes.

Maughold Head is an area rich in history and is the easternmost point of the Isle of Man. Here, the Gob ny Rona, a small peninsula of mostly maritime heath and low cliffs, offers stunning views of Ramsey and idyllic spots for picnics.

More of our feathered friends can be seen at the Scarlett Visitor Centre or the Tynwald Arboretum, which is child friendly with a playground, picnic area and a huge duck pond.

If flora and fauna is more your cup of tea, visit Close Sartfield Nature Reserve where you can see more than 100,000 orchid.

Sun shining through the trees of one of the Island's stunning 18 glens
One of the Island's 18 glens


Bring your car on board and pack everything you need for your nature adventure, including binoculars for bird-watchers. Take advantage of our great car offers and enjoy the convenience of driving off the ferry when you arrive to start exploring at your leisure.