Manxman’s Voyage

On Saturday 13th May 2023 at 15:00 local time (07:00 BST), Manxman began the long voyage home from Ulsan, South Korea to Douglas, Isle of Man.

The trip halfway around the world will see the vessel spend approximately 23 days at sea, steam over 10,000 nautical miles and visit six or more ports before reaching Manx waters. You can track Manxman’s progress along the way here.

Manxman’s Live Map

When not deep sea and close to land, you will be able to see precisely where in the world the vessel and its crew are through the live map above. The live webcam below will provide an instantaneous captain’s eye view as Manxman traverses the globe.

Manxman’s Live Webcam

Due to the unpredictability of satellite internet connectivity, Manxman will occasionally lose its connection and and the live webcam feed will drop out. Please check back later.

Captain’s Log

We’ll also be providing regular updates from the officers in charge of Manxman’s delivery voyage to the Isle of Man, in our Captain’s Log. This blog will document the passage and provide some insight on each of the locations the vessel visits along the way.

Manxman’s Approximate Route

The approximate delivery route of Manxman

Manxman’s first port of call after leaving Ulsan is likely to be Singapore, requiring about six days to make the passage. The outline itinerary calls for further port visits at Colombo, Sri Lanka and Muscat, the capital of Oman. A further stop may be made at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as the vessel makes its way up the Red Sea towards the Suez Canal. After transiting the Canal, Manxman will cross the Mediterranean to Gibraltar, its last stop before reaching the South Coast of England towards the end of June.

Manxman’s expected to spend up to a week in port for final fittings, including the children’s play area, before making its way around Land’s End and heading into the Irish Sea to finally reach her home port of Douglas.

Manxman’s Timeline

You can read all about Manxman’s build, from design to delivery in our Manxman Timeline blog.

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