New Vessel

What will our new vessel be called? Voice your preference today


We were pleased to provide you with an opportunity to voice your preference for the name of our new vessel, which is due to arrive in spring 2023. Thank you to those of you who submitted their preference for the name of our new vessel, the closing date has now passed (12:00 noon on Monday 30th November 2020). 

The new vessel will take a traditional Isle of Man Steam Packet Company name, ensuring a key piece of our 190-year history forms part of our newest chapter.

After a lot of deliberation, we shortlisted four traditional names which we believe will evoke fond memories and be a good fit for the new purpose-built vessel, each for their own reasons.

The four shortlisted names which are being considered are:

  • Manxman
  • Mona’s Isle
  • Manx Maid
  • King Orry

For more information on the shortlisted names, you can read our blog, which delves into their history and significance.