Riding for the Disabled
Riding for the Disabled

Isle of Man Steam Packet Want to Help 400 People this Year

We need you to help us break our record!

Last year The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company helped 374 people and organisations through our Manx Community Assistance initiative. This year we want to help at least that and more and we need your help to get there. We’re committing to helping our community even more, we’ll be providing an update half way through the year and again at the end of the year, so you can see how we’re doing. Help us, help you!

Who can apply? Anyone who meets these criteria:

Individuals or organisations whose aims are to improve the quality of life of Island residents or assist Island based or international charitable organisations or good causes.

Three types of support we provide:

  1. Supported Travel Requests: support with the costs of traveling to/from the Isle of Man for charitable causes, cultural events and activities that enhance the quality of life of the island, Manx residents and other worthy causes.
  2. Supported Sports: For talented sportspeople who travel off-Island regularly to the UK and beyond to compete in their chosen sporting discipline.
  3. Charitable Travel Voucher: for local charitable organisations, clubs, schools or societies in need of prizes for a fundraising events.

Find out more and how to apply here.

Managing Director, Brian Thomson commented, “For more than 190 years, serving the community has been a core part of IOMSPC’s mission. Our Manx Community Assistance initiative is a very important part of our business and even though we receive hundreds of applications each year, we realise that there are still many who need support and are unaware of this initiative and how to apply. That’s what we’re hoping to change, both by improving the application process as well as setting a target of supporting at least 400 people/organisations this year.”

Last year we were delighted to support a wide array of individuals and organisations from Tracy & Aggies Epic Hike around the UK to support the RNLI, Nathan Harrison, The Hallé Orchestra, Riding for the Disabled Isle of Man. Already this year we’re off to a great start, supporting Douglas Vagabonds Rugby Club, Manx National Heritage, Isle of Man Relay for Life, Manx Support for Ukraine, among others.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the Isle of Man, IOMSPC offers its support to a huge variety of initiatives, projects, and events, gifting free and discounted travel to worthy causes to empower our Island and to help it shine. If you have a cause that is close to your heart and could benefit from our support, please find the relevant application form and details on how to apply here.

All applications will be considered, but any decisions on funding are strictly at the Company’s discretion. Applicants are asked to allow a minimum of 14 days before date of travel for applications.

Read more about causes the Company supported last year on our blog post here.

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