Potential wind farm projects: the full picture


The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company is supportive of sustainability and renewable energy. Manxman, due to join the fleet in 2023 has been designed to be as efficient as possible. Broadly speaking, the Company supports initiatives to tackle the energy challenges of the 21st Century, which includes the development of offshore wind farms as part of the response. However, true sustainability considers all impacts: The Steam Packet Company’s lifeline services sustain our island community. The Company has serious concerns about the cumulative effect the numerous Irish Sea wind farm projects will have on the viability of it routes.

We would urge anyone who is considering responding to any consultation to make sure they  are aware of the overall cumulative picture rather than viewing projects in isolation.


  • The safety of navigation for ships when sailing through the wind farm corridors.
  • The lack of open sea room for navigating in rough weather is likely to increase risk of cancellations on the island’s lifeline routes. This will affect passengers, hauliers and the wider population of the Isle of Man through delays and disruptions to shipments of essential goods.
  • The consequences of extra sailing distance imposed on lifeline routes, requiring more fuel, leading to increased fuel costs and greater CO2 emissions. Protect lifeline services Please consider the cumulative effects of all Irish Sea wind farm projects on the Island’s lifeline routes. Serving our island community since 1830 Map is for illustrative purposes only and is not drawn to scale.

    Header image credit: David Dixon / Walney Offshore Windfarm