Latest Sailing Information - Monday 26th September 2022


Overnight, a technical issue prevented the raising of Ben-my-Chree’s anchor, which had been used during berthing due to the prevailing weather conditions.

The tide then dropped below a level where Ben-my-Chree could leave port. Manannan has been drafted in at short notice to operate this morning’s 08:45hrs sailing to Heysham.

Ben-my-Chree departed from Heysham at 09:30hrs and is expected to arrive in Douglas at approximately 13:00hrs, where she will remain until this evening’s scheduled 19:45hrs sailing to Heysham.

Today’s Heysham to Douglas sailing at 14:15hrs has been brought forward to depart at 13:15hrs and will be undertaken by Manannan, passengers are requested to check-in by 12:45hrs.

The change to the schedule has been made to reduce the impact to Manannan’s schedule later today. It is anticipated that Manannan’s Douglas to Liverpool departure at 15:00hrs will be delayed until approximately 16:45hrs. Passengers are requested to check-in by 16:00hrs.

There will be a delay to the Liverpool to Douglas sailing at 19:15hrs by approximately one hour. This sailing is now expected to depart at 20:15hrs. Passengers are asked to check-in no later than 19:30hrs.

Managing Director of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, Brian Thomson, said:’ The Steam Packet Company would like to apologise to those passengers whose journeys have been affected by these disruptions; we are working to get sailings back on schedule as soon as possible and all passengers will be notified of any changes to their sailing schedules by email and text messages.’