The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company is making a further investment in marketing the Island to potential tourists with the creation of a series of promotional videos.


Filmed at locations around the Isle of Man, the videos are part of an online campaign to be launched towards the end of the year. It is hoped the films will encourage visitors to book a trip to the Island in 2017.


The Steam Packet Company commissioned local filmmaking company DAM Productions and recruited about a dozen Island residents to appear in the short films.


They will start to appear during the final three months of the year. As well as being used across the Steam Packet Company’s social media channels, the videos will feature in regular emails to customers and online as part of the 2017 advertising campaign.


Shot over several days in May and June, the filming saw a cast of Island residents taking on the roles of holidaymakers travelling to the Isle of Man and enjoying its culture, heritage, countryside and wide range of activities for all ages.


There will be two versions of each video, the longer version highlighting the Island as a destination for all, with family activities, cycling and hiking just a few of the attractions included. The shorter films will highlight the benefits of travelling by ferry, including the freedom to bring your car and explore the whole Island, the on-board services and the fact there are no luggage fees.


Steam Packet Company Chief Executive Mark Woodward said: ‘Every year we spend in excess of £500,000 promoting the Isle of Man as a holiday destination in the UK and Ireland, and the ferry as the best way to travel. We work with creative agencies here and in the UK to explore new ways of sharing the wonders of our Island home, and we believe our collection of short films will brilliantly showcase everything the Isle of Man has to offer visitors.


‘I’m delighted we have been able to call on talented local filmmakers to produce the videos, and grateful to the Island residents who appear in the films.


‘A carefully planned online advertising campaign has been designed around these videos, which will begin towards the end of the year with the aim of encouraging people to choose the Isle of Man as a destination in 2017. We are particularly hopeful of being able to attract more people to the Isle of Man earlier in the spring and later in the autumn, outside of the “traditional” tourist season.’


The online video campaign is only one element of the Steam Packet Company’s marketing of the Isle of Man in 2016; it is already running online and print advertising with media outlets including the Times, Telegraph, Guardian and Mail on Sunday.