With preparations in full swing for TT2012, the Steam Packet Company has announced that deposits for next year’s festival will open from Monday, May 28.

The TT deposit has been held at £20 for vehicles and £10 for foot passengers for more than 17 years.

However, for TT2013, the amount required as a deposit for a vehicle will increase from £20 to £30, with the deposit for foot passenger bookings remaining at £10.

Steam Packet Company Chief Executive Mark Woodward explained: ‘The deposit system is intended to help TT fans secure a place on the ferry and book accommodation a year in advance. However, in recent years, as the deposit has become so cheap in real terms, there is evidence that some people are obtaining deposit bookings to secure an “option” for a place – or to sell it on – but without a firm commitment to coming to the TT.

‘What happens is that these reservations can in turn discourage genuine visitors from booking as they cannot obtain their preferred sailings. Ultimately, such action is not in the best interests of fans or the event.’
Mr Woodward said: ‘To help promote committed bookings, we are increasing the deposit for vehicles to £30 for TT2013, which is still less than long-term inflation. Indeed, TT fare increases have been below inflation every year for the last 17 years.

‘As foot passenger space is more widely available throughout TT, this deposit will remain at only £10. And, of course, while the deposit for vehicle bookings is increasing by £10, the final balance will conversely be reduced by £10.’