One of the hard-working ‘orange army’ of TT Marshals will be able to relax during a holiday to this year’s Southern 100 meeting, thanks to a joint venture between the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company and the Sefton Group.

The two companies have teamed up to offer a holiday to the Steam Packet-supported Southern 100 for the lucky winner of a competition aimed solely at the TT Marshals, who volunteer their services each year for the TT and MGP festivals.

The Steam Packet Company and the Sefton Group often work together in promoting and packaging holidays by ferry to the Island. When Terry Holmes, Chairman of the TT Marshals’ Association, put out an appeal for prizes for Marshals attending the 2012 TT festival, Steam Packet Sales Development Manager Brian Convery came up with the idea of offering a holiday.

Brian said: ‘The Steam Packet Company works closely with the TTMA each year, offering discounted travel when members travel to attend recruitment events in the UK , and we also offer a discount to those Marshals who volunteer for both the TT and MGP events. I spoke with our hotel partners, the Sefton Group, and they were delighted to support the idea by giving free accommodation for a Marshal and a companion.’

Naomi Finch, Sefton Group Marketing Manager, added: ‘The Marshals do such a fantastic job each year, and we were more than happy to support Brian’s idea. The lucky winners will receive bed and breakfast at the Sefton Hotel during Southern 100 week. Hopefully the winners will be able to relax and enjoy watching the racing at Billown, rather than being actively involved as Marshals!’

The prize draw will take place during TT Race Week. TTMA Chairman Terry Holmes said: ‘On behalf of the Association, and all the Marshals, I’d like to thank both the Steam Packet Company and the Sefton Group for their generosity in providing this prize. The dedication and enthusiasm shown by the Marshals is humbling, and prizes such as this are the Island’s way of saying “thank you” to them all for their efforts.’

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company and Sefton Group team up to support TT Marshals Association
Sefton Group Marketing Manager Naomi Finch and Steam Packet Company Chief Executive Mark Woodward (right) present the competition prizes to Terry Holmes, Chairman of the TT Marshals’ Association