The Steam Packet Company is supporting a charity bike ride during Manx Grand Prix to raise funds to build an orphanage in Nepal.

Alan Kershaw, Gordon Armitage and Steven Williams set off from Rochdale to Liverpool, crossing to the Island on Manannan on August 22. They are tackling 10 laps of the Mountain Circuit before returning to Rochdale – a round trip of 450 miles. The Steam Packet Company offered the intrepid trio free travel to and from the Island.

Alan explained: ‘The purpose of the ride is to raise funds to build an orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal, where one man, Kamal, has taken responsibility to care and educate for more than 30 children. This building, which will cost £1,500 to build, will also serve as the school house.

‘When Kamal and his brother found a number of homeless children living on the street, they took in 15 children each. Sadly, Kamal’s brother passed away, but Kamal has taken on responsibility for all 30 children. However, we are also donating 10% of the funds towards a lady, Hilary Borthwick from Douglas, who is undergoing training in London to become a full-time minister in The Salvation Army.

‘We’ve been really looking forward to the challenge. For me, the Isle of Man plays a rich part in my family’s history – we’ve been using the Steam Packet Company since 1919, travelling to the Island in virtually every year since then.’

Steam Packet Company Chief Executive Mark Woodward said: ‘This charity ride is in such a good cause and we were delighted to be able to play our part in supporting Alan, Gordon and Steven. I’m sure everyone in the Island, both residents and racing fans here for the MGP, will show them their full support during the challenge.’

To support Alan, Gordon and Steven, please visit their fundraising site:

Sponsored Bike Ride


Left to right - Steve Williams, Alan Kershaw and Gordon Armitage leave Rochdale for Liverpool at the start of their sponsored MGP bike ride, which will raise money towards an orphanage in Kathmandu, and support Douglas woman Hilary Borthwick as she enters William Booth College to train to be a Salvation Army Officer