Manannan will undertake an additional return service to Liverpool this Thursday (September 15) in light of the on-going adverse weather conditions, which has led to the cancellation of several sailings.

The additional service on Thursday will leave Douglas at 07.30, returning from Liverpool at 11.15 and will provide extra capacity for passengers and vehicles.

In addition, the passenger capacity for the Ben-my-Chree’s 02.15 sailing from Heysham to Douglas has been increased.

Repairs to the Manannan gearbox are going well and the vessel should be back on full power shortly.

Chief Executive Mark Woodward said: ‘The weather conditions in the Irish Sea over the last few days have been severe and in such circumstances our first priority must always be the safety of our passengers and crew.

‘We have kept passengers advised as to developments and, of course, we understand the frustrations that can be felt at such times.

‘The good news is that the weather forecast for Wednesday onwards this week is a good deal more encouraging than it has been since the weekend.

‘We have also spoken with Commonwealth Youth Games organisers and we are not aware of any on-going travel issues with the teams.’