The planned three day dry-dock to effect bow thrusters repairs to the Ben-my-Chree from Friday 30th September has now been postponed.

The dates were scheduled after advice from the manufacturer as to a reasonable repair time necessary to re-deliver and re-install the second bowthruster. The damage was caused as a result of ingesting some debris during the normal course of operations earlier this year.

The Ben-my-Chree will now be available for additional overnight passenger and freight services in place of Manannan from the 30th September – 2nd October. Daytime Manannan Heysham sailings will remain unchanged. All affected overnight passengers will be contacted and offered transfers onto the Ben-my-Chree. The Company is also planning on running additional Birkenhead sailings for any passengers wishing to transfer.

Chief Executive Mark Woodward said: “Regrettably the dry docking will now have to wait as the manufacturer has indicated they cannot meet the original delivery dates promised to us. On a more positive note this does at least allow us to offer some additional Birkenhead services as well as increased freight capacity. We now need to consider carefully when this repair work is best completed after taking further advice from the manufacturer about revised delivery dates.”