A fault with one of Manannan‘s four gearboxes means she must sail on reduced power until a repair is effected, with Liverpool crossing times taking around 3 hours instead of 2 hours 30 minutes and Irish crossing  times taking approximately 3 hours 25 minutes instead of 2 hours 55 minutes as a result.

We believe that the fault may be a ‘latent defect’ connected with the manufacture of the affected part of the gearbox. The fault in the gearbox is extremely disappointing, as all four gearboxes were overhauled and serviced last winter as a precautionary measure by the Manufacturer’s approved service agents.

The necessary repairs to the gearbox have been identified and we are awaiting delivery of the appropriate spare parts from the Manufacturer. Until the repair is completed, Manannan will continue to operate on reduced power.

It is anticipated that the repair time will be at least a few weeks, but further information will be provided when we have detailed information from the Manufacturer.

To minimise scheduling and punctuality issues, wherever possible the vessel may leave early (perhaps up to 10-15 minutes on the first departure of the day). Where some sailings are particularly busy, it is not always possible to turn the vessel around within the reduced timescale available, but we will work to minimise any delays.

We would like to apologise to our passengers and assure you that we are working with the gearbox Manufacturer to ensure that a repair is completed as quickly as possible, and also that we take any possible pre-emptive action to prevent similar failures in the future.