The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company is supporting the community efforts of one of the Island’s leading sports stars, snowboarder Zoe Gillings.

Now based in the UK, Zoe regularly returns to the Island to support initiatives, the most recent of which was a talk she gave at an Isle of Man Sport Aid event.

Held at the National Sports Centre, ‘Celebrating Sporting Success’ brought together existing IOM Sport Aid sponsors and members of the business community.

Zoe, 25, explained: ‘So many young sports stars depend on sponsorship, and the Isle of Man is lucky to have a vast array of companies, organisations and individuals who are willing to support their efforts, such as the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company.

‘This event was an opportunity for businesses to learn about the work carried out by Isle of Man Sport Aid and the foundation’s efforts to develop elite sports stars in the Island.’

A professional snowboarder for several years, Zoe competed at the Turin Olympics in 2006 and Vancouver Olympics in 2010, where she was placed eighth.

For the last three years she has presented her ‘Grass Roots’ initiative to several thousand children and young adults, predominantly in the UK but also in schools around Canada and France.

Steam Packet Company Chief Executive Mark Woodward said: ‘Zoe is an inspiration to many of the Island’s young sports stars, regardless of what sport they excel in. She’s proving to be an excellent ambassador for the Isle of Man, both on a local level and internationally, and we’re happy to support her community work in the Island.’

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