Repairs and revised arrangements are underway after the Viking suffered a mechanical failure over the weekend on one of its four gearboxes.

It is anticipated that it will take up to three weeks to remove the gearbox, strip it down and rebuild it before refitting it to Viking. During this period Viking will operate at reduced speed, consequently journey time on our Liverpool service is temporarily being timetabled as three hours.

Chief Executive Mark Woodward said: “We are aware of similar issues on other vessels of this type. However, during last winter’s overhaul, this gearbox was thoroughly inspected internally and found to be in a good condition, so this latest failure is disappointing.

“For the time being we are maintaining existing departure times and hope to adhere as closely to the timetable as we can, but this will be watched carefully and if necessary an amended temporary timetable introduced. We are amending our website to show a three-hour passage time for Liverpool sailings, provisionally until 30th June.”
Sailings to Heysham, Dublin and Belfast will be unaffected by these repairs.

Mr Woodward added: “We have cancelled the 07.30 and 11.15 sailings to and from Liverpool on Thursday, 19th June to allow for the gearbox to be removed. This is the first date on which a gearbox specialist is available to assist with its removal. Until it is removed we cannot begin the repair. It is better that we get the repair completed during this relatively quiet period between TT and the start of the school holidays. We will offer alternative arrangements for passengers via Heysham.

“We deeply regret any inconvenience caused to our passengers as a result of the repairs to the gearbox. All available resources are being mobilised to restore normal service as soon as possible.”