Coronavirus Information 

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to be a global concern and the situation has our fullest attention. The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority. We are monitoring updates and guidance from authorities and health organisations and have a range of options and back-up capacity should the need arise to help maintain lifeline services.
On board our vessels and at our ports, we are taking precautionary measures to prevent any spread of the Coronavirus:

  • Our vessels have established procedures for any passengers who contract the virus, including quarantine measures.
  • Increased frequency of preventive cleaning and disinfection of “Hand Contact Point Hotspots” such as door handles, access touchpads, telephones etc.
  • The vessels’ crew are subject to strict measures and hygiene requirements.
  • Information supplied on hygienic measures based on the World Health Organisation’s guidelines.

In the interest of the safety of our customers and crew the following additional measures have been implemented on board: 

  • Food service will be limited to pre packed sandwiches/salads, snacks and canned/bottled drinks. 
  • Bottled/canned beer and wine will be available from the main café as the bar will be closed so that additional cleaning duties can be undertaken by crew member usually manning the bar. 
  • Again to enable a more regular and intense cleaning regime the shop will be open for a reduced amount of time during sailings.
  • Only contactless payments will be permitted to reduce physical contact. No cash transactions will be possible. 

In order for you to feel comfortable when booking with us we want to give you flexibility given the current situation. The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company will waive amendment fees as a temporary measure should your circumstances change.

Please note: This applies to all current direct ferry bookings with the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company for 2020 and is valid for any amendments made by 30th June 2020. If you change to a higher fare type, you will need to pay the fare difference.

For those travelling on group and package tours, special conditions apply. Please contact the point of contact where your booking was made.

For additional guidance, please see WHO's Q&A on Coronavirus or check for similar in your respective home countries.

We understand that many of our passengers will have questions regarding future travel plans in light of the developing situation surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19). To help,  we have compiled the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Read more here.


The Isle of Man Government stopped all passenger arrivals to the Isle of Man by air and sea from the morning of 27 March 2020.

Due to the continued closure of the Isle of Man’s borders to all but essential workers, we are re-scheduling services up to 30/06/2020. Passengers who are booked to travel on rescheduled sailings during this period will be contacted by us in due course. Amendment fees have temporarily been waivered and passengers due to travel up until the 30/06/2020 will be able to amend their booking to a later date or cancel their reservation and receive a full refund for their ferry booking.

Online account holders can amend or cancel their bookings via the website.

We ask for your patience during this busy time whilst our Reservations Team works through the extremely high levels of booking enquiries.


The Isle of Man Government has now confirmed that the Classic TT & Manx Grand Prix in August 2020 have been cancelled as a Coronavirus precaution.

You can read here how we will be assisting passengers who were due to travel to the events with the option to rebook for next year’s events or cancel their booking and receive a full refund.


The Isle of Man Government confirmed on 16 March 2020 that Visitors and Residents should self isolate for 14 days after arriving in the Isle of Man by air or sea. 
We recognise that this means that some passengers may no longer be able to travel to the Isle of Man.
The Company has recently confirmed that amendment fees will be waived for the time being until 30 June to allow passengers to book alternative services later in the year.
Registered customers can amend bookings online at
Some passengers who have booked non-refundable special offers for travel in the shorter term may wish to cancel and obtain a refund and the Company will in these special circumstances consider written/email applications for a refund which will be processed in travel date order – for example May booking refund requests will be given priority over those for June and so on. 
Please email us at: [email protected]
For the time being refunds will only be processed for passengers booked to travel in May or June. Bookings for July onwards will also be refunded if the Government travel restrictions continue. 
Online account holders travelling in May & June may cancel their bookings online and receive a full refund.
Refunds for third party services such as hotels should be addressed to that Company and will also be subject to the terms and conditions of the third party
We would ask for your patience as we work through this period of extremely high demand but we confirm that travel refunds will be available.

NOTICE REGARDING TT 2020 (16/03/2020)

The Isle of Man Government has now confirmed that TT 2020 is being cancelled as a Coronavirus precaution.

You can read here how we will be assisting TT passengers with the option to rebook for next year’s event or cancel their booking and receive a full refund.