Customer FAQs - Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Last updated 14/09/22

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has naturally caused a deal of uncertainty among the travelling public. In order to help answer some of the most commonly asked questions the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company has drawn up the following list.  This is a living document which will be added to and amended as necessary.


Q.   Are IOMSPC flags ashore and on board at half-mast? And how long will they remain so?

A. The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company house flag on Imperial Buildings will be flown at half-mast as a sign of respect until the period of national mourning ends. The Company’s vessels will fly their ensigns and union flags at half-mast for the same period as a mark of respect, and in line with guidance from the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the Isle of Man Ship Registry.

Q. Will the sailings be going on the day of the funeral?

A. Yes. The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company is dedicated to providing a year-round service to the Isle of Man and its visitors. Guidance issued by the UK Government and the Royal Household indicates that businesses that provide public services will continue to operate as normal to minimise disruption.


Q. Will the bar on the boat be open?

A. The bars on Manannnan and Ben-my-Chree will be open on all journeys through the period of mourning, in line with current legislation and guidance from the UK and Isle of Man Governments.

Q. Will the screens on board be showing coverage of the state funeral?

A. Yes. As far as possible the state funeral will be shown on the screens on board both vessels and in the port facilities operated by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company.

Q. Is my passport still valid?

A. Yes. Passports issued in the name of the Queen will continue to be valid until their expiry date.

Q. Will the Company still accept Sterling or Isle of Man currency bearing the Queen’s portrait?

A. Yes. The Bank of England has confirmed notes bearing the Queen’s portrait continues to be valid.

Q. I wish to attend the State Funeral, will the Steam Packet Company be making any special arrangements to help Manx residents who want to go?

A. The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company will continue to operate as normal, in line with guidance issued by UK and Isle of Man Governments.

Due to long queuing times, anticipated high levels of traffic in London and other operational constraints, the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company has had to make the reluctant decision not to proceed with the excursions for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s lying in state or state funeral.

However, Isle of Man residents who wish to pay their respects in person may consider utilising the Sail & Rail offer along with booking accommodation at a hotel in London or surrounding areas via Steam Packet Holidays. Staff at the Ferry Travel Shop in the Sea Terminal would be pleased to help you make these travel arrangements for you. Alternatively, call Steam Packet Holidays on 645777 to discuss options.

Q. An event I was going to has been cancelled due to the demise of the Queen, what can I do about my boat tickets.

A. Due to the exceptional circumstances, the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company has waived some of the terms and conditions for this specific situation. During the period of national mourning, travellers who provide proof of an event being Cancelled or Postponed due to the passing of the Queen will be able amend their booking a new travel date within twelve months of the original with no amendment fees.

However, the following will still apply:

  • The booking must be used within 12 months of the original travel date.
  • Any increase in fare when the booking is amended will be applicable.