A celebration of travelling by ferry

We are delighted to welcome Abby Penlington, Director of Discover Ferries, as our Guest Blogger, to tell us a bit more about the launch of the ferry industry campaign Big Ferry Fortnight.

Discover Ferries is the industry body representing 13 ferry operators in the British Isles, including the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, which works to promote ferry travel and ferry holidays on behalf of the sector.

After two years of travel restrictions and a summer of flight cancellations and rail strikes, Discover Ferries wanted to ask holidaymakers to consider the benefits of travelling by ferry. The Big Ferry Fortnight ticket ballot will give away free ferry tickets, on a variety of routes, including 20 tickets to and from the Isle of Man with the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, so travellers can experience ferry travel for themselves. The ballot is open 5-19 September and people can apply for tickets at www.bigferryfortnight.com

Great value

At a time of rising costs, we all want transparency with how much our short break or holiday is going to cost. Travelling by ferry you can bring your own car, the luggage you want, and your pet, no need to factor in car hire, check-in baggage fees or kennel fees while you’re away.

If you’re passionate about cycling, hiking, golf or kayaking, or even if you just like going camping, then it’s easy to take all your equipment away with you.

The start of your holiday – not just A to B

The excitement of stepping on board, watching the land slowly disappear and seeing your destination come into view, travelling by ferry your holiday starts as soon as you board. You have your own space and often have the option to book your own cabin, access to fresh air on deck and all the on-board facilities at your disposal. Enjoy a bite to eat in the café or restaurant, watch a film in the cinema or on your cabin TV, pick up a bargain in the shop or just chill and read the paper or your book. If you are lucky, you might even be able to spot marine life from deck. Dolphin and seal sightings are not unusual around British waters.

A world away, but not far away

Travelling by ferry gives you the opportunity to visit destinations around Britain’s waters where you are a world away from your usual day-to-day, but only a short ferry journey away. Discovering the destination’s history, traditions and landscapes is a great way to immerse yourself in local life. On 31 October the Isle of Man celebrates Hop-tu-Naa, the traditional Celtic festival of Samhain, the start of winter, where turnips are carved out and decorated as lanterns, traditional folk songs are sung, and folk dances still practiced across the Island. Combine this with visits to the Isle of Man’s many heritage sites and walks along the coast, up Snaefell, or through the glens and you’ll have a break that’s rejuvenating and rewarding.

The Big Ferry Fortnight ballot is open from 5-19 September for both UK and Isle of Man residents. Register and apply at www.bigferryfortnight.com

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