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For more information on events check out: www.visitliverpool.com

With the success of European Capital of Culture in 2008, Liverpool showcased to the world the best of its creative thinking and its wonderful cultural attractions.

Liverpool is more than just a city with a big reputation - It's the centre of a vast area of beauty, culture and entertainment that deserves exploration. Many of the attractions on offer are superb value or even free.

Whether you are going on a shopping spree or to watch your favourite football team in action, maybe you are a theatre lover or travelling to see a top entertainer in concert , Steam Packet Holidays have contract rates with over 1,100 hotels throughout the UK and Ireland and can tailor a package to suit you at a price that you can afford.


A stroll around the UNESCO-listed waterfront will take up a morning and probably fill your camera's memory card. The Three Graces, Albert Dock and Pier Head are as iconic as they are dramatic, and delving into their history in the city's museums is an enlightening (and free) experience.


Liverpool's commitment to art, both high and popular, is without question. It plays a part in everyday Liverpool life, not just in the Tate and Walker galleries and countless smaller, cutting-edge spaces, but also in the city's musical culture that has drawn influence from all around the world in this cosmopolitan city.


The beaches and dunes in Sefton and around Wirral Peninsula should be pencilled in for a sunny day, and the villages and rural idyll that starts at the outskirts will make for many a memorable trip.


It's hardly surprising that most people will think of The Beatles when Liverpool and music are mentioned. But for anyone who knows music, the Fab Four are just part of a musical culture that has been part of the city's lifeblood for generations.


Mention the name Liverpool to almost anyone, anywhere in the world, and their almost instant reaction will be football. The Northwest is a hotbed of footballing success, with seven Premiership clubs; the homes of two of them, Everton and Liverpool, are just minutes from Liverpool City Centre.

The Grand National horse race is the world's most-watched sporting event, with an annual audience of 600 million. Haydock Park a premier dual-purpose racecourse, boasting an active and energetic year-round racing calendar that includes both flat and jumping fixtures.

Plenty more to do and see…


is a fascinating area to explore the growth of Liverpool and the region beyond the port.


You will find almost every form of retail therapy in Liverpool and elsewhere in the City Region. City Centre Liverpool boasts some of the largest big-name High Street stores in the country.


In a city with such a wealth of musical achievement, you would expect a dazzling, diverse and vibrant nightlife. And that's exactly what Liverpool offers.

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