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M = Manannan

BC = Ben-my-Chree



The coloured letters refer to the maximum Flexible Standard Fare that could be charged on the sailing. Standard Fares are discounted by 2% when booked online with us.

Around 80% of our customers benefit from one of our Special Offer fares which can offer significant savings over Standard Fares.

Timetables FOR ALL SAILINGS between 24 May 2015 and 30 May 2015

Departing Arriving Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Time Port Port Time 24 May 25 May 26 May 27 May 28 May 29 May 30 May
00:30 Heysham Isle of Man 05:00 A A
02:15 Heysham Isle of Man 05:45 DBC DBC CBC CBC CBC CBC
07:00 Isle of Man Belfast 09:55 DM
07:30 Isle of Man Liverpool 10:15 CM BM BM CM
08:00 Isle of Man Heysham 10:15 CM
08:00 Isle of Man Heysham 11:30 CBC CBC BBC BBC
08:45 Isle of Man Heysham 12:15 CBC CBC CBC
10:45 Belfast Isle of Man 13:40 CM
11:15 Liverpool Isle of Man 14:00 CM CM CM BM
11:30 Heysham Isle of Man 13:45 CM
14:15 Heysham Isle of Man 17:45 CBC BBC CBC CBC CBC BBC BBC
15:00 Isle of Man Liverpool 17:45 CM CM CM CM CM BM CM
17:00 Isle of Man Heysham 21:30 A
19:15 Liverpool Isle of Man 22:00 CM CM CM CM CM BM
19:45 Isle of Man Heysham 23:15 DBC DBC DBC CBC CBC BBC
20:00 Liverpool Isle of Man 22:45 BM
20:00 Isle of Man Heysham 23:30 CBC

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